Sterile solution for catheter inflation for short periods

Aquatouch® is a sterile solution for catheter inflation by FARCO-PHARMA that is the preferred option for catheters that will be inserted for a relatively short period (e.g. following surgery).
The solution for catheter inflation, made with purified water, is available in a sterile, ready-to-use 10-mL syringe and is exceptionally well tolerated. As a result, Aquatouch® is recommended for application in patients with allergies and intolerances to certain active substances.

Comfortable to use with a high level of safety

Based on its comfortable handling, Aquatouch® is ideal for use by physicians and nursing staff in residential settings, medical practices, and surgical settings. At the same time, it provides patients with an exceptionally high level of safety.

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Fields of application

  • Sterile solution for catheter inflation of short-term catheters, e.g. following surgery.


  • Above-average tolerability
  • Suitable for patients with intolerances to certain active substances
  • Suitable for patients with allergies
  • Sterile, ready-to-use syringe, easy to handle