The portfolio of FARCO-PHARMA includes two product categories: lubricants and sterile solutions for catheter inflation

The product portfolio of FARCO-PHARMA covers the entire spectrum of lubricants for urological and gynaecological applications.

Our products, which are divided into two product categories: lubricants and sterile solutions for catheter inflation, are used in the preventive treatment, therapy and care of critically and chronically ill patients.

Intensive research and development and GMP-certified production sites

Our intensive research and development efforts, as well as our outstanding quality management system, ensure that our products meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical purity and quality.

As a certified manufacturer of sterile single-use syringes for urological applications, we meet all of the international market requirements through our production activities at GMP-certified production sites and the certification of our quality assurance system and medical devices in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 in compliance with European law.

Our contribution to patient well-being

Substantial collaboration with urologists enables us to satisfy the requirements of needs-based implementation with respect to practical applications. Our products are easy and safe to handle, thus minimising the risk of injury and infection.

With our products, we make a significant contribution to everyday medical care and patient well-being.