Research and Development

Our product portfolio reflects established urological products and patented innovations.
Our success is based on distinctive and pioneering research and development.

A high level of innovative energy and the continuous optimisation of our existing products are the essential preconditions that enable us to offer products of the highest purity and quality. We want to fulfill the quality requirements demanded by our customers and patients and that we ourselves demand of our products at all times.

The continuous development of new products and further development of existing products for urological applications and close collaboration with urological experts are permanent components of our strategy.

As a partner in the field of urology, we strive to provide solutions to diagnostic and therapeutic issues to the benefit of the patient, thus making a significant contribution to everyday medical care.

Through close contact with physicians, nursing staff, and patients, we recognise the demands constantly placed on our products and are thus able to meet them.

Our experts, both in-house and off-site, are daily engaged in the continuous improvement of our products and the development of new products. Our objective for our products is to optimise the medicinal products and medical devices that enable urologists to benefit their patients through practical, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions and to improve the quality of life of our patients.

As Germany's leading manufacturer of urological lubricants, we have a variety of registered patents. This fact reflects our innovative energy and confirms that we are constantly active “Serving urology” through our research and development activities.